Conference 2014

After discussing the problematics of futurities amongst our research group since 2010 we are extremely excited to organise the Futurities conference in June 2014.

The Intention: 

The wish to have a highly focused discussion which would be translated into a published volume of selected essays following the event, informs how we foresee the format of the conference. We aim for an intense two day seminar with presentations based on pre-circulated papers and ample room for critical discussion.

We plan to bring together around 20 researchers whose work is instructive and inspirational in thinking about the role of future(s). We aim for a diverse group of researchers- both junior and senior, as well working in various areas both in terms of disciplines as well as geographical foci.

See below the Call for Papers which details our approach to Futuritities. There you can also find the Conference Program as well as some more practical information pertaining to the conference. Peter Pels wrote a detailed summary of the conference here.


Call for Papers

This conference proposes to investigate the different forms of the future which affect our global present. Read the full Call for Papers here.

Conference Program

The two day conference will bring together junior and senior scholars discussing different forms of the future as they are found in ethnographic, historic and literary accounts. Take a look at the exciting two day program.

Travel and Venue

Here is information about how to get to Leiden and how to find the conference venue.

For Duke Graduate Students

For the graduate students of Duke University who are applying for the FHI travel grant the deadline to submit proposals is March 3, 2014. Read more about what information you are expected to submit.

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