Conference Program


Gravensteen, Room 1.11, Pieterskerkhof 6, Leiden

26 June 2014

9:30 Welcome Address (Peter Pels)

9:45     Investing in Futurities 

The market of the future: Expanding commercial insurance in South Africa. Erik Bähre, Leiden University

Making a dent in the universe: forms of the future in the production of Internet businesses in Singapore. Zane Kripe, Leiden University

10:30   Commodity Futures 

Gold, Matter, Time. Elizabeth Ferry, Brandeis University

Chile in Synthesis: Abbreviating Temporalities and More. Andrea Cerda-Pereira, Leiden University

11:15    Coffee Break

11:30    Materializing Futures

Afflicted Futures: the World Expo as Futurity. Peter Pels, Leiden University

The Conservative Present of Future Smart Cities. Dorien Zandbergen, Leiden University

12:15   Discussion (chair: Sabine Luning; discussant: Jane Guyer)

13:00   Launch of the E=CL website by Jane Guyer

13:15   Lunch break

14:15   Science Fiction and Utopia

“After the End Times”: Post-Crisis African Science Fiction. Matthew Omelsky, Duke University

Future Sounds, Past Prophecies; Performing Islamist Utopias in Late Capitalist Malaysia. Bart Barendregt, Leiden University

15:00   Tea break

15:15    Science Fiction and Utopia 

“That Infinite Sphere”: Paradox, Paralepsis, and Parody in Les guérillères. Chase Gregory, Duke University

15:35   Discussion (chair: Peter Pels; discussant: Juan Obarrio)

16:45   Wrapping up the day


27 June 2014 

9:30     Coffee

9:45     (More) Civil Futurities 

The Future is Here, Now and Ours: Musings on Power and Temporality in Transnational Social Movement Organizing. Marianne Maeckelbergh, Leiden University

A Politics of World-Building, Attunement, and Possibilities of Becoming Otherwise. Jarrett Zigon, University of Amsterdam

10:30   Opposing Hegemonic Futurities 

Kairos: African Future pasts. Juan Obarrio, Johns Hopkins University

The changing future of rainforest peoples. The case of the Orang Rimba (Jambi, Indonesia). Gerard A. Persoon, Wardani and Tessa Minter, Leiden University

11:15    Coffee Break

11:30    Resisting the Colonization of Futurity 

The Future is (Still) Elsewhere: Shifting Frontiers of Futurity across Malay Lives. Tim Bunnell,  National University of Singapore

12:15   Discussion (chair: Jane Guyer; discussant: Peter Pels) 

13:00   Lunch break

14:00   Future/No Future (Dzenovska; Khanna)

Post-Socialist present as European future. Dace Dzenovska, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford

Futurity & Sexual Difference. Ranji Khanna. Woman Studies, Duke University

14:45   Tea break

15:00   Being and Becoming Future (Carter; Guyer)

The Univer-shall; or, Blackness in the Future Tense. Jay Carter, Duke Divinity School

Methuselah’s Future: Theorizing at Any Age? Jane I. Guyer, Johns Hopkins University

15:45  Discussion (chair: Juan Obarrio; discussant: Gerard Persoon)

16:30  Wrapping up the day

The conference is part of “The Future is Elsewhere: Towards a Comparative History of Digital Futurities” project, financed by the Dutch National Research Foundation (NWO). 


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